Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome Universal's New Wolfman on October 9th!

Good news!  Universal is releasing a direct to DVD/Blu Ray spin off to THE WOLFMAN (2010 ) called WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US (excuse the lame cover art).  Check out the trailer here:

Based on the trailer, the production looks similar in design but lower in budget than its predecessor.  Director Louis Morneau and Producer Mike Elliot are both graduates of the Roger Corman school of fast and furious budget-conscious filmmaking with numerous schlocky credits in their bulging filmographies.

It's good to see Universal investing more in their classic monster legacy but why not call the thing, THE WOLFMAN: THE BEAST AMONG US or THE WOLFMAN WALKS AMONG US?  What's with the generic WEREWOLF title when they own THE WOLFMAN? Strange over-thinking.  I'm sure we can expect a faster than the speed of light CG lyncanthrope again (my only real major complaint about the previous film). A werewolf is big, strong with sharp claws and teeth and a super sense of smell.  Why is super sonic speed so important and scarier?  How about a new direct to disc Universal monster rally epic!  That would be fun!  Also, it couldn't hurt to exploit some of their classic copyrighted creature designs (NOTE: The Creature From The Black Lagoon does NOT need a re-design just in case some wise-ass genius thinks so!  It still stands as the greatest rubber suit monster design EVER!)  Anyway, it would be nice if Universal kept the classic monster genre alive and flowing with more competent, gothic horror!

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