Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The First Universal Horror to hit Blu-Ray on 9/4!

In ravenous anticipation of the box set, I forgot about this- the classic 1948 Abbott & Costello monster rally!  This will be the first official Universal Horror to hit the HD format on September 4th!  Be on the look out for limited theatrical screenings of  new Universal restorations at your local repertory cinema (if they still exist!).  New York City's Film Forum is presenting new 35mm restorations of FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (among other horror/non-horror restored/non-restored classics) this month to celebrate Universal's 100th anniversary!

Weird, check out the Wolfman's face in the artwork.  He looks like a mutant cross between Lugosi's Ygor and Chaney's lycanthrope.  What the... ?

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