Wednesday, March 25, 2015

IT! The Terror Attacks Blu-Ray!

Finally, this 1958 low budget sci-fi gem from director Eddie Cahn makes its way to blu-ray courtesy of Olive Films.  As per usual with Olive, this will be priced high with little or no extras and restoration.  Hopefully, the MGM HD master will do justice to this beautifully starkly shot, atmospheric black-and-white sci-fi noir.  It always looked decent on DVD.  According to the specs, the film will presented in academy ratio 1.33 whereas the MGM HD channel version was zoomed into 16x9.  I assume that the original theatrical exhibition was probably at 1.85?  Whatever...  Here's how to pre-order:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grisly Grabs From Bava Restoration!

Arrow Films has unveiled some frame grabs from their new BLOOD & BLACK LACE 4K restoration.  I wasn't able to attend the recent Alamo Drafthouse screening in New York due to blizzard like weather conditions but I'm losing sleep over the arrival of the blu-ray release!  Click here and feast your eyes!