Friday, January 30, 2015

Blu Ray Gems Coming Soon From Mill Creek!

There is good news for budget minded classic cinema collectors!  Two exceptional Columbia Studio clasics will hit the blu-ray budget bins- Orson Welles' masterful and nightmarish noir THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI co-starring Rita Hayworth and Marlon Brando as THE WILD ONE, the classic big daddy-o of biker brawls!  Each will sell for $14.93 SRP but should be had much cheaper at online and mortar shops.  While both appear to be bare bones releases there is a special edition SHANGHAI available from TCM for bigger bucks while THE WILD ONE is a first-timer on blu-ray.  Mill Creek boasts that they will utilize the same 4K restoration of SHANGHAI as TCM!

Hopefully Mill Creek will continue to mine the Columbia vaults and give us more titles like Fritz Lang's THE BIG HEAT (already an OOP limited release from Twilight) and perhaps Lugosi's RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE and Hammer's REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN and much, much more!  Here's to wishful thinking!