Monday, July 16, 2012

Beware! Big Statue Stomps!

The fine folks at Mill Creek make buying blu-rays and DVDs so easy and cheap!  The classic DAIMAJIN 3-film series makes its way down the creek on September 18th.  This is one of the least known or less popular kaiju from Japan in the '60s.  The film's are beautifully produced and slow-moving in a good way.  The plots are usually concerned with mounting feudal oppression and slavery that reaches a tipping point, pissing off the mountain god enough to literally sit up, take notice and stomp justice into the land via old testament style wrath and fury!   I always found this series heavy, ultra-melodramatic and cinematically powerful with thundering Ifukube scores to perfectly match.  I'm pretty hardcore about DAIMAJIN so this  is a mandatory purchase for me.  I'll post some of my personal DAIMAJIN paraphernalia soon!  For BD specs, visit:

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