Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrate 50 Years Of Mars Attacks!

It's been a whopping fifty hears since the mother of all trading cards attacked unsuspecting Camelot-era American youth!  To commemorate this historic occasional, Topps has re-issued the vintage Norman Saunders' jaw-dropping mini paintings carefully printed on superior card stock!  Collect 'em all!  There is also an array of ultra-cool merchandise and a book to pump up the festivities.  Each deck includes a new card by a contemporary artist that sadly don't hold a candle to the savage, lurid, vividness of the originals.  Don't even mention the Tim Burton movie!  What a disgrace!  A complete misunderstanding of the original intention and vibe (like his sloppy APES remake).  I just picked up a pack at my local Target.  I also have a re-issue deck from the 80's or 90's.  My original cards didn't survive my mom's spring cleaning.  Here are some links with more MARS cards information:


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