Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Digital-only Bruce Lee Book!

The single best reason in the world to buy a kindle or any digital book device is this ebook only release of  THE BRUCE LEE CHRONICLES: AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE MAKING OF 'WAY OF THE DRAGON' by Steve Kerridge.  Just quicking glancing through this massive, epic work is astounding!  Finally, not since John Little's Bruce publications, is a super in-depth, photo-feast of facts, interviews and detailed information about the production of Lee's directorial debut!  I was blown away by the hundreds of black-and-white and color photos I've never seen published before!  There is an intro by daughter Shannon, who spends too much of her time on issuing limited edition t-shirts when we should have more of these serious, scholarly types of work!  Get it now at this ridiculously cheap price on Amazon!

There's actually a part II in the works!

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