Monday, May 21, 2012

Bloody Zorn! The Knights Templars Are Avenged!

After creating a massive maelstrom of music inspired by Aleister Crowley and occult themes, among other things, composer/saxophonist John Zorn brings us TEMPLARS: IN SACRED BLOOD featuring the infamous Moonchild line-up.  Here's a description:

Over a year in the making, the 6th CD in the Moonchild legacy is a testament-tribute to the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, the legendary crusading Warrior-Monks whose 200-year rise to power ended abruptly in 1307 under accusations of heresy. With lyrics opening a new world of possibilities, the music exudes a powerful emotional intensity. Patton's versatility is at its peak, and he sings everything from Gregorian Chants and atonal melodies to hardcore screams and passionate whispers. The evocative organ of John Medeski adds a deeply religious tone to the drama, and the Dunn-Baron rhythm section is at its raging best!

Track listing:

1  Templi Secretum 5:33
2  Evocation of Baphomet 5:26
3  Murder of the Magicians 4:14
4  Prophetic Souls 6:20
5  Libera Me 3:20
6  A Second Sanctuary 5:06
7  Recordatio 3:53
8  Secret Ceremony 9:15

Streets 5/22!  On Zorn's Tzadik label.

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