Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hard Case reprints rare Robert Silverberg crime novel after 50 years!

I just picked up the newest Hard Case Crime release and just shot through the first 40 pages!  The prolific Silverberg was mostly known for his sci-fi works (although he produced a little bit of everything from non-fiction to porn!) so this is an especially appealing reprint from 1962 (only originally available in a men's magazine)!  Dig the classy new cover art by Michael Koelsch!  So far, the story hooked me from the beginning.  Set in Philadelphia, t's about a mysterious undercover agent infiltrating an elite counterfeit ring told in the tough-guy first person.  It has structural elements of RED HARVEST and a Continental Op-type protagonist pitting two gangster clans against each other.  Gripping and sleazy!

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