Friday, April 10, 2015

THUNDER ROAD barrels onto the blu ray highway!

THUNDER ROAD (1958) is an iconic film for Robert Mitchum and a more than welcome addition to the HD format.  Mitchum is a moonshine runner outrunning and gunning the Feds in a film that gained almost mythic status in the South where it was still playing drive-ins into the late '80s.  I know because I was booking theaters and couldn't believe that the film was regularly playing on double and triple bills!  Mitchum also wrote the badass theme song but doesn't sing it over the main titles.  He did later release his own recorded single version.  This quirky film has memorable, cool dialog and contains a still inspiring socio-political message.  The Mitch even gives a stirring speech on liberty that was probably very close to his heart.  Oddly, his son Jim plays his brother and there's a weird reference to hanging mobiles for no good reason.  A must for Mitchum fans (aren't we all?) and the proto-type for SMOKEY & THE BANDIT style good ol' boys/car chase movies that came back into vogue in the 70's and 80s and still enjoying popularity with the FAST & FURIOUS franchise.

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