Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The new Shout Factory Bruce Lee Collection streets today!  I took advantage of the Groupon deal (see the link below) and am pretty excited to revisit all of Bruce's films in HD (I'll save the new Warner Bros. ultimate edition ENTER FOR THE DRAGON for the grand finale!).    To add to the excitement, it looks like Shout Factory scored an interview with Japanese actor Riki Hashimoto.  Who is Riki Hashimoto you might ask?

My all-time favorite Bruce Lee trivia question is, "Did Bruce Lee ever fight Daimajin?"  The answer, surprisingly, is YES!  Bruce Lee fought Hashimoto-san in FIST OF FURY (1972) aka CHINESE CONNECTION as katana-crazed mustached badass Mr. Suzuki.  It was also Hashimoto-san who sweated it out in the rubber suit as the towering statue-come-to-life, Daimajin, in three films produced by Daiei Studios in 1966!  Thankfully, the classic Daimajn trilogy is on blu-ray from Mill Creek.   (NOTE: none of the screen grabs are from the new, improved blu-rays, except for the interview head-shot)  To my knowledge, Bruce never fought or sparred with any other famous kaiju?

Two Faces of Riki Hoshomoto

Buy the Bruce Lee Collection Here: http://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-shout-factory-1

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