Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Bruce Le! By Popular Demand!

Here are some more Bruce Le flyers for his early 90's productions.  I've also included a slightly revised review for COMFORT WOMEN which originally appeared in VC #17 (March 1993).

COMFORT WOMEN (1992- Hong Kong)
D: Bruce Le (Huang King Lung).  Set in 1936, this action drama exposes the horrors of the comfort women- Chinese and Korean women abducted by the Japanese oppressors and forced into a life of prostitution to service the military elite.  A female Japanese reporter, Akiyama Tomi (Lily Lee), is a staunch supporter of the Japanese war effort until she discovers the covert Comfort Houses.  She goes undercover (Emmanuelle style!) to investigate but is discovered, captured and forced into sexual service by the military brass.  A sympathetic Japanese military liaison (a rather suave Bruce Le) becomes romantically attracted to Akiyama and eventually gets up the nerve to take on the evil, face the brute General Kawasaki and invade the whore  house of horrors to rescue the V.D. ridden reporter. For a few tense moments, the film veers into MEN BEHIND THE SUN terrain and we glimpse some graphic torture.  Although the film is mainly focused on the heart-breaking human drama, a good amount of screen time is thankfully devoted to exploiting the sexual and violent aspects of the sordid subject matter.  You'll find the usual staples associated with the war/prison genres- whippings, nudity, rape, autopsies, battle scenes and kung-fu- all handled with a certain amount of flair and taste!  There's even an intense accidental incestuous encounter that results in an explosive double-suicide pact!  The film's tag-line says it all!  Around the time of this film's release (and probably the inspiration for its creation), the Japanese government publicly admitted to the existence of the Comfort Women for the first time.  A really solid and polished effort from one of the 70's clone icons of Bruceploitation.  The film was originally reviewed on Hong Kong laser disc boasting a nice letter-boxed transfer in Chinese with English subtitles.

70's-80's FLASHBACK!  Bruce Le and his clonies!  The mother of all Bruceploitation films!

I still maintain that if Linda Lee, the real Bruce Lee's widow, ever collected a fraction of the royalties and money owed her for the illegitimate use of her husband's name and image on films, merchandise, businesses, music, etc., she would be one of the richest persons in the history of our planet!

More Le and Li!
This is so wrong!  Usually the real Bruce Lee is used illegally to advertise 'fake' Bruce Lee movies.  Here, we have Lee's legit major studio classic with an image of vicious clone Dragon Lee!  What were they thinking?  I love it when people mention that Bruce Lee probably made more movies than anyone in film history (he made 3-1/2 kung fu films!) or ask if I ever saw the film where Lee fights guys in gorilla suits!
I'll have one take out order of JKD pork!

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