Friday, August 17, 2012

Karlson & Bava: Similarities Unmasked!

Ever since I first discovered Phil Karlson's classic noir KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL (1952) on VHS in the early 90's, I was immediately struck by the too-close-to-be-a-coincidence parallel scene of the masked man slapping sequence to a very similar scene in Mario Bava's masterpiece giallo, BLOOD & BLACK LACE (1964).  I don't know if this has been discussed or analysed before or elsewhere.  I have read that KANSAS CITY was a huge influence on Sergio Leone.  You can decide for yourself how much Bava may have been influenced by Karlson with these two clips:
KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL CLIP (sequence starts at about 15:00)
BLOOD & BLACK LACE CLIP (sequence starts at about 33:55)
Both films are classics.  Bava's is my all-time favorite giallo.  Karlson' noir is PD but available as a decent, budget-priced blu-ray/DVD combo ( but the best print quality remains the MGM DVD (.
Bava's film is available on DVD from VCI (who also issues KANSAS on DVD). (  This is one of my 'most wanted' titles for blu-ray!

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