Friday, March 16, 2012

Burton throws Barnabas to the APES!

If you think Tim Burton pissed off the legions of PLANET OF THE APES fans with his ill-conceived, utterly lame remake several years ago, imagine what wrath he'll feel from the DARK SHADOWS faithful just based on the trailer (see link above)?  It will be a bloodbath to put it mildly.  SHADOWS actually received a respectful upgrade by DS creator Dan Curtis, himself, for prime time television in the early 90's and DS fans have always dreamed of another big screen treatment, practically tracking Burton's production on a daily basis.   I was never a true fan of the series but I did see HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS (1970)  and NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) in theaters upon first release and, yes, everyone would expect Burton's treatment to contain some element of camp- but this?  It looks like a throw-away parody, 70's retro satire with Barnabas as a comical cartoon character, a cross between Max Schrek's Nosferatu, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Eddie Munster!  And Burton is acting shocked in current interviews that anyone would dare perceive his remake as comedy?!  For the record, I'll see it just for Christopher Lee's cameo.

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