Friday, January 13, 2012

I Gotta Add This To My Reading List!

I always was and still am obsessed with mail order ads especially from old comic books and monster magazines!  This book, MAIL ORDER MYSTERIES by Kirk Demarais promises to delve into that wacky world of deceptive ads and chintzy novelties squarely aimed at separating unsuspecting kids from their hard-earned piggy bank change.  I'm still blown away by the fact that you could actually order live monkeys through the mail!  I wanted a monkey so bad but my parents would never consent.  Even stranger, cult leader/psycho Jim Jones was a door-to-door monkey salesman in his pre-suicide cult days!  As a kid, I would have gladly joined his cult if he showed up at my door with a sack of squirming monkeys!
Back in the day, these were steep prices for a kid!  There are some amazing blogs out there with first-hand, "I lived to tell it" type stories from the brave souls who ordered the mini-simians and received the shock of their lives!  These stories are funny, shocking and sad.

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